09330 New PerFluoroAlkoxy Resins for the Chemical Process Industry: a Reliable Solution in Corrosive Environments

Thursday, March 26, 2009: 9:55 AM
C205 (Georgia World Congress Center)
Giovanni A. Biressi , SOLVAY SOLEXIS, Bollate, Italy
Karol Argasinski , Solvay Solexis, Thorofare, NJ
To address the Chemical Processing Industry market demands for effective corrosion protection and friendlier processing, new grades of the lower melting point perfluoroalkoxy resin also known as MFA have been developed recently.
MFA belongs to the generic class of PFA fluoropolymers as specified in the ASTM D3307. It has a 30-40°C lower melting point when compared to the type I-III, traditional PFA resins with comparable mechanical properties, chemical resistance, and permeability.
PFA resins are commonly used in corrosion protection applications as coatings and linings of process vessels, storage tanks, pipes, and also valves and fittings. They can successfully replace metals in several free-standing applications. The excellent performance/price ratio of MFA fluoropolymers make them very attractive in the CPI applications.