09016 Protective Coatings Offshore: Introducing a Risk Based Maintenance Management System

Tuesday, March 24, 2009: 10:45 AM
C202/C203 (Georgia World Congress Center)
Sten Axelsen , Statoil ASA, Stavanger, Norway
Ole Řystein Knudsen , SINTEF, Trondheim, Norway
Roy Johnsen , Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Trondheim, Norway
This paper summarises the methodology and some challenges related to the establishment of a risk based maintenance management system for protective coating systems.
Offshore maintenance work related to protective coatings is resource demanding and costly. Initial selection of coating system and quality of the application work, including pre-treatment, are vital elements in order to secure acceptable coating lifetime. Most offshore installations will, however, require maintenance of the protective coatings due to degradation and/or mechanical damages. Development and implementation of a maintenance program for coatings is therefore an essential part of the overall maintenance program for such constructions. 
A complete maintenance program development includes: 1) Establishing status of coating quality through inspection, 2) Prepare maintenance program/strategy, and 3) Preparation of detailed maintenance plans and job packages/descriptions. Optimization of maintenance and inspection programs by introducing risk is frequently used by the industry today. This principle can also be used for coating maintenance.
As the risk picture can be described by 1) Scenario, 2) Frequencies, and 3) Consequences, in this case, risk could be expressed as a function of coating status and consequence of a coating damage. Based on this assumption a systematic approach for optimization of maintenance program has been developed.