09369 New Results on the Selection of Nickel Alloys and a 6% Mo Special Stainless Steel for High Temperature Acid Service

Wednesday, March 25, 2009: 2:00 PM
C206 (Georgia World Congress Center)
Helena Alves , ThyssenKrupp VDM GmbH, Werdohl, Germany
Ralph Bler , Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Berlin, Germany
In the literature there are only limited results available on the corrosion resistance of nickel alloys and special stainless steels in acids at high temperature, in particular above the boiling point. Therefore, a laboratory testing program was started to obtain corrosion data on the 6% Mo special stainless steel alloy 31 (UNS N08031), and the nickel alloys 59 (UNS N06059) and B-2 (UNS N10665) in formic acid, acetic acid, phosphoric acid and p-toluene sulfonic acid 1.

To enlarge the knowledge regarding the application limits of the investigated materials the laboratory study was recently extended to additional acid/high temperature combinations. The present work reports on the data generated in the extended laboratory testing program. These data is useful to support an optimized material selection for acidic high temperature service.

1 H. Alves, R. Baessler, Corrosion 2008, Paper 08189, NACE International, Houston TX, 2008