09457 Wireless and Remote Monitoring of Coated Surfaces in Corrosive Environments

Tuesday, March 24, 2009: 10:20 AM
C307 (Georgia World Congress Center)
Davion Hill , DNV Research and Innovation - CC Technologies, Dublin, OH
Stefan Marion , Det Norske Veritas, Hovik, Norway
Francois Ayello , Ohio University, Athens, OH
Lisandro Cunci , CC Technologies-A DNV Company, Dublin, OH
Narasi Sridhar , CC Technologies-A DNV Company, Dublin, OH
Corrosion-related failures are usually a surprise; perhaps they could have been avoided if a real-time monitoring tool was in place. However, collection of data in remote places is a necessary function of a successful corrosion sensor network. For example, pipelines running through mountainous and forested regions in the wilderness of Alaska are just as susceptible to corrosion and integrity threats as those running parallel to subway tunnels in New York City, though performing a visual survey is much easier in New York. Corrosion of materials is perhaps the biggest threat to the integrity of complex systems. Ocean vessels, pipelines, bridges, off shore drilling platforms, and wind turbines are all subject to the potentially debilitating effects of corrosion. In this work, a motes-based, wireless corrosion monitoring system is demonstrated. Using impedance-based electrochemical techniques, coating performance is monitored over time in marine environments. Real time data is readily observed through a secure, web-accessed portal. Energy harvesting technologies for remote sensors (and networks) are also discussed.