09491 Using Zn-Ni-SiO2 Electrocomposite Coating to Prevent Carbon Steel Against Acidic Environments

Wednesday, March 25, 2009: 8:55 AM
C306 (Georgia World Congress Center)
Mohammed A.M.H Al-Rabea II , Royal Scientfic Society, Amman, Jordan
Farqad F. Saeed , Royal Scientific Society, Amman, Jordan
Abdul Wahed Al-Bakry , Babylon University, Hilla, Iraq
Fadhel M. Hussoun , College of Engineering /Babylon University, Babylon, Iraq
Composite coatings used in this work for electroplating process technology provides an environmentally friendly solution for chromium or cadmium (both considered as toxic metal) replacement in corrosion protection application for steels, taking into consideration that incorporation of Zn and SiO2 into the sacrificial coatings decreases cost, density and enhancing corrosion resistance.

These coatings systems find a wide range of advanced applications in aerospace industries such as landing gear, hydraulic actuators, high performance fasteners, break and fuel lines, as well as other industries like marine industry, electrical power transmitting equipment; computerize lock components, electrocatalysis and storing energy.