Coupled Multielectrode Techniques for Corrosion Monitoring and Corrosion Studies - TEG 316X

Thursday, March 26, 2009: 8:00 AM-11:35 AM
C206 (Georgia World Congress Center)
Lietai Yang
Vice Chair:
William Steen
8:05 AM
Application of Analysis and Control for Corrosion Damage In Cooling Water Systems Using Corrosion Monitoring
Takao Otsu, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation; Masazumi Miyazawa, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
8:30 AM
A Multi-Electrode Approach to Evaluating Inhibition of Underdeposit Corrosion in Brine/CO2 Environments
Alan Turnbull, National Physical Laboratory; Gareth Hinds, National Physical Laboratory; Phil Cooling, National Physical Laboratory; Shengqi Zhou, National Physical Laboratory
9:20 AM
9:55 AM
An Oxidation Power Sensor for Monitoring General Corrosion
Xiaodong Sun, Corr Instruments, LLC; Lie Yang, Corr Instruments, LLC
10:20 AM
Microgalvanic Current Mapping of Magnesium / Aluminum Galvanic Couple by Scanning Vibrating Electrode Technique (SVET)
Surender Maddela, Missouri University of Science and Technology; Yar-Ming Wang, GM Research & Development Center; Anil K. Sachdev, GM Research & Development Center
10:45 AM
Estimation of Internal Current Effects on Localized Corrosion Rate Measurements Using Coupled Multielectrode Array Sensors
Lietai Yang, Southwest Research Institute; Kuang-Tsan Kenneth Chiang, SwRI; Pavan K. Shukla, Southwest Research Institute; Nobuo Shiratori, JGC Corporation
11:10 AM
Multi-Reference-Electrode for Monitoring of Localized Corrosion in Concrete Structures
Marco Ormellese, Politecnico di Milano; Luciano Lazzari, Politecnico di Milano; Pietro Pedeferri, Politecnico di Milano
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