Corrosion in Pulp, Paper, and Biomass Conversion - STG 38

Tuesday, March 15, 2011: 7:55 AM-11:10 AM
Room 320 E (George R. Brown Convention Center)
Samuel L. Zelinka
Vice Chair:
John Grocki
8:00 AM
Real-Time Corrosion Monitoring of a Boiler Tube Using Hydrogen Flux
Andrew D. Justason*1, Andrew Feicht1, Kelly McKeen1, Belknap B. Gray1, Don McCabe2, and Chris Halcrow2
(1)CNER; (2)Irving Pulp and Paper Ltd
8:25 AM
Effect of Selective Dissolution on Stress Corrosion Cracking Susceptibility of Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steels in Alkaline Solutions
Heikki Leinonen*1, Pekka Pohjanne1, Tanja Schild2, Jyrki Romu2, Hannu Hänninen2, and Tapio Saukkonen2
(1)VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland; (2)Aalto University School of Science and Technology
8:50 AM
Superheater Tube Corrosion In Wood Gasifier Ash Deposits
Michael A. Bestor* and James R Keiser
Oak Ridge National Lab
9:15 AM
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