Refining Industry Symposium - TEG 205X

Tuesday, March 15, 2011: 7:55 AM-3:30 PM
Room 352 D (George R. Brown Convention Center)
Marc D. McConnell
Vice Chair:
Axel Gallon
8:00 AM
Root Cause Analysis of Cracking in a Stainless Steel Clad Plate
Surya Prakash*1, Abdul Razzak Al-Shamari1, and Moavin Islam2
(1)Kuwait Oil Company; (2)Corrpro (a Subsidiary of Insituform Technologies Inc.)
8:25 AM
Cracking in Welds of Heavy-Wall Nickel Alloy Piping During Fabrication
Tomoaki Kiso*1, Ichiro Seshimo1, and Tsukasa Okazaki2
(1)JGC Corporation; (2)TASETO Co., Ltd
8:50 AM
9:15 AM
9:30 AM
Low-Temperature Hot Corrosion in the Refining Industry
Shixue (Andy) Wen* and Mark W. Mucek
9:55 AM
Corrosion Related Gas Compressor Vibration (Case Study)
Mohammed S. Al-Qallaf* and Said S. Jaroudi
Saudi Aramco
10:20 AM
Erosion-Corrosion Analysis and Prediction Methods in Gas Plant Facilities
Juan Pedro Rossi Sr.*1, Cecilia Paula Albertini Sr.2, Adolfo Pellicano2, Luis Gonzalo Muņoz2, and Sergio Fernandez2
(1)SINTEC S.A.; (2)Pan American Energy L.L.C.
10:45 AM
Refining Industry Experience with HF Unit Flange Face Corrosion and Detection for API RP 751
Michael Nugent*1, Willis J. Perry2, Timothy D. Reeves3, and Steve Bacon4
(1)The Equity Engineering Group, Inc.; (2)GE Inspection Technologies; (3)ConocoPhillips; (4)ConocoPhillips (retired)
11:10 AM
1:00 PM
Corrosion Failures in Atmospheric Residue Desulfurizer Unit after the Revamp (ARDS)
Sunil V. Vipat*, Anil K. Ray, Mutlaq Al Enezi, and Musaed Al Arada
Kuwait National Petroleum Company
1:25 PM
Corrosion in Crude Distillation Unit Overhead Operations: A Comprehensive Review
Brian Chambers*, Sridhar Srinivasan, Kwei Meng Yap, and Mark Yunovich
Honeywell Corrosion Solutions
1:50 PM
Setting Critical Operational Tan and Sulfur Level for Crude Distillation Units
Dingrong Qu*, Xiaohui Liu, Xiu Jiang, Zhenggui Lan, and Guangbin Shan
SINOPEC Qingdao Research Institute of Safety Engineering
2:15 PM
Hydrogen Reformer Catalyst Tube Rupture
Saad AL-Dhafiri*, Deepak A. Rawtal, and Laxma Reddy Kethi Reddy
2:40 PM
Cracking in RTJ Grooves of Flanges in Hydro Processing Units
Sunil V. Vipat1, Anil K. Ray1, Mutlaq Al Enezi1, Musaed Al Arada*1, and Vinod Kr. Bhatia2
(1)Kuwait National Petroleum Company; (2)Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Mina Abdullah Refinery
3:05 PM
Corrosion Assessment in Amine Systems using Modeling and Software Tools
Vishal V. Lagad*1, Sridhar Srinivasan2, and Dana G. Williams3
(1)Honeywell International, Inc.; (2)Honeywell Process Solutions; (3)Marathon Petroleum Company
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