Ship Structure Symposium

Wednesday, March 16, 2011: 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Room 352 E (George R. Brown Convention Center)
Ron Caputo
Vice Chair:
Jeannette Y. Grant
8:30 AM
IMO PSPC Implementation for 15 Years of Target Useful Coating Life
Chao Wei*, Johnny Eliasson, Edward Janson, Ge Wang, and Roger I. Basu
American Bureau of Shipping
9:10 AM
In Situ Study of the Parameters Quantifying the Corrosion in Ballast Tanks and an Evaluation of Improving Alternatives
Capt. K. De Baere*1, L. Lemmens2, G. Potters2, H. Verstraelen1, and S. Lenaerts2
(1)Antwerp Maritime Academy; (2)University of Antwerp
9:50 AM
12:30 PM
Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Resistance of Normal Strength and High Strength Steels in Chloride Solution
Ahmad Rahbar Ranji* and Seid A. H. Zakeri
Department of Naval Architecture, Amirkabir university of Technology
1:05 PM
Stress Corrosion Cracking Initiation Study in Nickel Aluminum Bronze in ASTM Seawater and Ammonia Mixtures
Kunigahalli L. Vasanth*1, Catherine R. Wong1, and Richard A. Hays2
(1)Naval Surface Warfare Center CarderockDivision; (2)Naval Surface Warfare Center
1:40 PM
1:55 PM
Development of Edge-Preparing Plasma Arc Cutting (EPPAC) System
Naoki Osawa*1, Akira Furujo2, Masayuki Nagahori3, Toshitake Onishi4, Hiroyuki Yajima5, and Takeshi Miyamoto6
(1)Dept. Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering Osaka University; (2)Koike Sanso Kogyo Co., Ltd.; (3)Production & Development Division, Nissan Tanaka Corporation; (4)Chiba shipyard, Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.; (5)Yokohama shipyard, IHI Marine United Inc.; (6)Japan Ship Technology Research Association
2:55 PM
Buckling Behavior of Randomly Corroded Stiffened Steel Plates Using Gaussian Distribution Under Uniaxial Compression
Zorareh Hadj Mohammad Esmaeil Nouri*
PhD Candidate, Faculty of Marine Technology
3:20 PM
3:40 PM
Development of Test Specimens for Evaluating SCC Behavior of Marine Aluminum Alloys and Assessment of the Severity of Various Marine Exposure Conditions
Francine Bovard*1, Rebecca Wyss1, Jerry Curran2, Christine Henon3, Jacob Padrul3, Jim Towers4, and Catherine R. Wong5
(1)Alcoa; (2)University of Central Florida; (3)Alcan; (4)Kvichak Marine; (5)Naval Surface Warfare Center CarderockDivision
4:30 PM