Corrosion in Nuclear Systems - TEG 224X (Session II)

Thursday, March 17, 2011: 7:55 AM-9:40 AM
Room 351 E (George R. Brown Convention Center)
Tiangan Lian
Vice Chair:
Raul B. Rebak
8:00 AM
8:25 AM
An Electrochemical Study of Liquid Air Interface Corrosion in Dilute Hanford Nuclear Waste
Hongbo Cong*1, Feng Gui1, C. Sean Brossia1, J. A. Beavers1, Gerald Frankel2, Glenn Edgemon3, Kayle D. Boomer4, and B. J. Wiersma5
(1)DNV Columbus; (2)Fontana Corrosion Center, The Ohio State University; (3)ARES Corporation; (4)Washington River Protection Solutions, LLC; (5)Savannah River National Laboratory
8:50 AM
Microstructural Characterization of Surface Modified Alloy 82 Welds Regarding Susceptibility to Environmentally Assisted Cracking
Junya Kaneda1, Masato Koshiishi2, Martin Morra3, and Raul B. Rebak*4
(1)Hitachi; (2)Hitachi Works; (3)GE Global Research Center; (4)GE Global Research
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