Research Topical Symposium

Wednesday, March 16, 2011: 7:55 AM-4:35 PM
Room 350 D (George R. Brown Convention Center)
Srdjan Nesic
Vice Chair:
John A. Beavers
8:00 AM
Corrosion Modeling—From Science to Application
Michel Bonis*1 and Thierry C. Chevrot2
(1)Total SA; (2)TOTAL Exploration & Production
8:40 AM
A Revised Model for CO2/FeCO3 Film Formation
Richard Woollam*1 and Jose Vera2
(1)BP America Inc; (2)DNV
9:20 AM
9:35 AM
10:15 AM
Life Prediction--Oil Industry Operator Perspective
Michael W. Joosten, Mohsen H. Achour*, and Juri Kolts
ConocoPhillips Company
1:00 PM
Top of Line Corrosion--Rate Determining Parameters
Arne Dugstad* and Rolf Nyborg
Institute for Energy Technology
2:20 PM
Application of a First-Principles Surface Model to Ammonium Chloride Corrosion
Christopher Taylor*1, Edwin H. Niccolls2, Kyrolos El Giheny2, and Teppei Suzuki3
(1)Los Alamos National Lab; (2)Chevron Energy Technology Company; (3)Idemitsu Engineering Co., Ltd.
3:00 PM
3:55 PM
From the North Sea to the Gulf of Mexico—Volume 2
Binder Singh*1 and Andrew Lindsay2