Pipeline Integrity - TEG 267X (Session II)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011: 7:55 AM-9:15 AM
Room 320 F (George R. Brown Convention Center)
Joshua Johnson
Vice Chair:
Albert van Roodselaar
8:00 AM
Proposal for Integration of DC Basis Technologies with Macro Tool Approach to Assess Active-Corrosion Sites in Buried Pipelines
Homero Castaneda*1, Ramon Torrano Sr.2, Mario Vergara Sr.3, and Monica Galicia4
(1)Battelle-Columbus; (2)PEMEX-Refinacion; (3)PEMEX; (4)Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez
8:25 AM
Importance of Quality Control and Positive Metal Identification (PMI) in the Oil and Gas Industry at the Component Fabrication and Repair Stage
Amer Jarragh*1, Abdul Razzak Al-Shamari1, Islam Moavin2, and Surya Prakash1
(1)Kuwait Oil Company; (2)CORRPRO Companies
9:15 AM
The Science Underlying Successful ECDA
Frank Rizzo*1 and Edward J. Ondak2
(1)FERA; (2)EJ Ondak Associates, Inc.
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