Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion - TEG 187X (Session I)

Monday, March 14, 2011: 8:55 AM-5:00 PM
Room 342 A-D (George R. Brown Convention Center)
Scott Campbell
Vice Chair:
Márcia Teresa S. Lutterbach
9:00 AM
The Influence of Microorganisms on the Corrosion and Protection of Metals: An Overview
Hector A. Videla*1 and Liz Karen Herrera2
(1)National Technological University (UTN); (2)Technology Centre AIMEN
9:25 AM
The Anatomy of Tubercles on Steel
Richard I. Ray1, Jason S. Lee1, and Brenda J. Little*2
(1)US Naval Research Lab; (2)U.S. Naval Research Lab
9:50 AM
Eis Study of MIC in Three Different Zones Derived from Ship Ballast Tank Model System
A. Heyer*1, F. D'Souza2, G. Ferrari2, J.M.C. Mol3, and J.H.W. de Wit3
(1)M2i Materials innovation institute; (2)TNO Science and Industry; (3)Delft University of Technology Department of Materials Science and Engineering
10:15 AM
Lifetime Predictions for Carbon Steel in Natural Fresh Water
Jason S. Lee*1, Richard I. Ray1, and Brenda J. Little2
(1)US Naval Research Lab; (2)U.S. Naval Research Lab
10:40 AM
10:55 AM
Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion of High-Resistance Alloys in Seawater
Laura L. Machuca*1, Rolf Gubner1, Stuart Bailey1, Elizabeth Watkin1, and Anna H. Kaksonen2
(1)Curtin University of Technology; (2)CSIRO Land and Water
11:20 AM
Microbially Influenced Corrosion in Oil Sands Water Handling Facilities
Hyung-Soo Park*1, Indranil Chatterjee1, Shawna L. Johnston1, Man-Ling Wong1, Joseph Boivin2, Tomas R. Jack1, and Gerrit Voordouw1
(1)University of Calgary; (2)Cormetrics
11:45 AM
Microbially Influenced Corrosion Assessment in Crude Oil Pipelines
Mazen A. Alsaleh*1, Peter F. Sanders1, Tawfiq M. Ibrahim1, Ketil B. Sřrensen2, Thomas Lundgaard2, and Susanne Juhler2
(1)SAUDI ARAMCO; (2)Danish Technological Institute
12:10 PM
1:00 PM
Bacteria and Microbiologically Induced Corrosion Control in Unconventional Gas Field
Cor Kuijvenhoven*1 and Hongwei Wang2
(1)Shell International Department GSUSI-PTI/WD; (2)Shell Exploration and Production Co.
1:25 PM
Development of Antibacterial Coating Against Sulfate Reducing Bacteria
HongSeok Song*1, YoungGeun Kim1, Yeseul Sin2, Young-Hyo Chang2, and YongSoo Park3
(1)Korea Gas Corporation R & D Division; (2)Korea Research Institute of BioScience and Biotechnology; (3)Yonsei University
2:15 PM
2:55 PM
Sulfate Reducing Bacteria Influenced Corrosion of Carbon Steel—Nutrient Effects
Hussain H. Almahamedh*, Charles H. D. Williamson, John R. Spear, Brajendra Mishra, and David L. Olson
Colorado School of Mines
3:20 PM
Preliminary Study on Nitrate Injection to Control Souring Problem in Oil Reservoir: Benefits and Side Effects on Steel Material (UNS S31603)
Amalia Yunita Halim*, Rolf Gubner, and Elizabeth Watkin
Western Australia Corrosion Research Group (WACRG), Curtin University
4:10 PM
A Novel Approach to Using THPS for Controlling Reservoir Souring
Chris R. Jones1, Brian L. Downward2, Stephanie Edmunds2, Kansas Hernandez3, Francis Smith3, and Tim Curtis*4
(1)Rhodia Novecare; (2)Rhodia UK Limited; (3)Rhodia Inc.; (4)Rhodia Inc
4:35 PM
Implementation of a Microbial Control Program for an Offshore Production System in Nigeria
Vic Keasler*1, Brian Bennett1, Robert J. Franco2, Don Lefevre2, and Babatunde Moninuola3
(1)Nalco; (2)Exxon Mobil Production Co; (3)Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited
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