CO2/H2S Corrosion in Wet Hydrocarbon-Containing Environments - TEG 059X

Wednesday, March 16, 2011: 7:55 AM-4:15 PM
Room 320 C (George R. Brown Convention Center)
Krista L. Heidersbach
Vice Chair:
Yue Chen
8:00 AM
Well Integrity and Corrosion Analysis Techniques Applied to Tubular Design and Remaining Life Extension of Gas Production Wells
Juan Pedro Rossi Sr.*1, Cecilia Paula Albertini Sr.2, Luis Gonzalo Muñoz2, and Sergio Fernandez2
(1)SINTEC S.A.; (2)Pan American Energy L.L.C.
8:25 AM
Completion Tubing Optimization: Meeting the Challenge Through Prediction and Operational Experience
Bijan Kermani1, Yves Gunaltun2, Theo Samosir3, Made-Emmy Pramitedewi*3, and Cornelia Situmorang3
(1)KeyTech; (2)Total SA; (3)Total Indonesia
8:50 AM
Understanding and Quantifying Corrosion of L80 Carbon Steel in Sour Environments
Wei Sun*1, Dylan V. Pugh1, Jorge L. Pacheco2, Rob S. Nisbet3, Nazri M. Nor3, M. Scott Kersey3, Leozarin B. Morshidi3, Shiun Ling1, and Ramani V. Reddy4
(1)ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company; (2)ExxonMobil Development Co; (3)RasGas Company Limited; (4)ExxonMobil Upstream Research
9:15 AM
Compare the Corrosion Resistance of 3%Cr Steel with API X65 Pipeline Steel in CO2 Corrosion Environment
Lihua Hu1, Lei Zhang*1, Wei Chang2, Minxu Lu3, and Lining Xu1
(1)University of Science and Technology Beijing; (2)CNOOC Research Institute; (3)Corrosion and Protection Center, Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology, University of Sciences and Technology Beijing
9:40 AM
9:55 AM
Study on Factors Affecting Low Cr Alloy Steels in a CO2 Corrosion System
Lining Xu*1, Taihui Chen2, Wei Chang3, Minxu Lu4, and Lei Zhang1
(1)University of Science and Technology Beijing; (2)Corrosion and Protection Center,University of Science and Technology Beijing; (3)CNOOC Research Institute; (4)Corrosion and Protection Center, Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology, University of Sciences and Technology Beijing
10:20 AM
CO2 Corrosion Resistance of Steel Cord Reinforced Thermoplastic Materials for Flexible Pipe Systems
Andreas Klust*, Frederik Vervaecke, Anneleen De Smet, and Johan Vanbrabant
NV Bekaert SA
10:45 AM
Steady State CO2 Corrosion—A Novel Testing Approach
Richard Woollam*1, Jose R. Vera1, Conchita Mendez2, Raul Echegoyen3, and Haralampos Tsaprailis4
(1)BP America Inc; (2)DNV-Columbus; (3)Instituto de Tecnología Profesor Jorge Sabato; (4)DNV Columbus
11:10 AM
Transport of Dense Phase CO2 in C Steel Pipelines--When Is Corrosion an Issue?
Arne Dugstad*1, Bjørn Morland1, and Sigmund Clausen2
(1)Institute for Energy Technology; (2)Gassco AS
12:00 PM
CO2 Corrosion Prediction Along the Length of a Flow Line
Ziru Zhang*1, Richard C. Woollam2, Sandra Hernandez3, Jose Vera4, and Yuhua Sun4
(1)BP Exploration Alaska; (2)BP; (3)BP America Inc; (4)BP America Inc.
12:25 PM
1:55 PM
Corrosion Inhibitor Efficiency Limits and Key Factors
Alan Crossland1, Jose Vera2, Richard C. Woollam1, Stephen Turgoose3, James Palmer3, and Gareth John*3
(1)BP; (2)DNV; (3)Intertek CAPCIS
2:20 PM
A Novel and Rapid System to Analyze Brines for the Optimum Functional Dose of Corrosion Inhibitor
Cameron D. Mackenzie*1, Catherine Rowley-Williams1, Mohsen H. Achour2, Michael W. Joosten2, David Blumer2, Clive L. H. Wilson3, and Max Rowe4
(1)LUX Assure; (2)ConocoPhillips Company; (3)ConocoPhillips (U.K.) Limited; (4)College of Physical Sciences, University of Aberdeen
2:45 PM
Effect of FeCO3 Supersaturation and Carbide Exposure on the CO2 Corrosion Rate of Carbon Steel
Tonje Berntsen*1, Marion Seiersten2, and Tor Hemmingsen3
(1)Statoil ASA; (2)Institute for Energy Technology; (3)University of Stavanger
3:10 PM
3:25 PM
Inhibitive Properties of Crude Oils: Can We Count on Them?
Mioara Stroe*1, Nicolas Passade Boupat2, Michel Bonis1, and Benjamin Adams1
(1)TOTAL Exploration & Production; (2)TOTAL PETROCHEMICALS FRANCE
3:50 PM
Crude Oil Chemistry Effects on Inhibition of Corrosion and Phase Wetting
Francois Ayello*1, Winston K. Robbins Sr.2, Sonja Richter2, and Srdjan Nesic3
(1)DNV Research & Innovation USA; (2)Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology,Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Ohio University; (3)Ohio University
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