Control of Corrosion in Oil and Gas Production with Inhibitors in Harsh, Extreme, or Challenging Environments - TEG 184X

Wednesday, March 16, 2011: 7:55 AM-12:00 PM
Room 352 A (George R. Brown Convention Center)
Alyn Jenkins
Vice Chair:
Victor Hongbin Wang
8:25 AM
Efficacy of Downhole Corrosion Inhibitor Treatment in Sweet Crude Producer Wells
Surya Prakash*1, Abdul Razzak Al-Shamari1, Amer Jarragh1, and Moavin Islam2
(1)Kuwait Oil Company; (2)Corrpro (a Subsidiary of Insituform Technologies Inc.)
8:50 AM
The Effect of Slug Liquid Front on Inhibitor Effectiveness in Petroleum Pipelines
Nima Tajallipour*, Zhenjin Zhu, and Patrick Teevens
Broadsword Corrosion Eng Ltd
9:15 AM
The Influence of Flow Rate and Inhibitor on the Protective Layer Under Erosion-Corrosion Conditions Using Rotating Cylinder Electrodes
Abdulmuhsen Akbar*, Xinming Hu, Anne Neville, and Chun Wang
School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds
9:40 AM
9:55 AM
Evaluation of Inhibitor for Galvanic Corrosion of I625 and CS1018 Couple Under Flowing Conditions
Cheolho Kang*1, Carlos J. B. de M. Joia Sr.2, and Alvaro Augusto Oliveira Magalhães3
(1)DNV Columbus; (2)PETROBRAS SA; (3)Petrobras
10:20 AM
Control of Preferential Weld Corrosion of X65 Pipeline Steel in Flowing Brines Containing Carbon Dioxide
Mylene Martinez1, Khaled Alawadhi1, Michael Robinson1, Graham Nelson2, and Andrew MacDonald*2
(1)Cranfield University; (2)Clariant Oil Services UK Ltd
11:10 AM
Study of Corrosion and Inhibition of Carbon Steel in CO2 Containing Natural Gas at High Temperature
Hejian Sun*1, Muhdi Sujatmiko2, Mohanmad Aulia2, Josh Davis1, and Roger Hudgins2
(1)ConocoPhillips; (2)ConocoPhillips Indonesia Inc. Ltd.
11:35 AM
Performance of High Temperature, Biodegradable Corrosion Inhibitors
Alyn Jenkins*
M-I SWACO Production Technologies
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