Novel Corrosion and Corrosiveness Sensors - TEG 100X

Wednesday, March 16, 2011: 7:55 AM-12:00 PM
Room 320 D (George R. Brown Convention Center)
Lietai Yang
Vice Chair:
Frank W.H. Dean
8:00 AM
Integrated Sensor Networks for Corrosion Under Insulation: Monitoring, Cost Reduction, and Life Extension Strategies
Francois Ayello*1, Davion Hill1, Stefan Marion2, and Narasi Sridhar1
(1)DNV Research & Innovation USA; (2)Det Norske Veritas
8:25 AM
Corrosion Monitoring Equipment, a Review of Applications and Techniques
Thomas W. Pickthall Jr.*1, Marc D. McConnell2, Monique Rivera2, and Richard Vezis3
(1)EnhanceCo Inc; (2)PinnacleAIS; (3)Lobster Consulting
8:50 AM
Keeping Acoustic Sand Monitoring Simple
Jane Brown1, Gerald Brown1, and Alistair Mackinnon*2
(1)Brown Corrosion Svc Inc; (2)Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd.
9:40 AM
9:55 AM
Application of Monitoring Technology Using a Metal Surface Treatment Sensor in a Chemical Plant
Takao Otsu* and Masazumi Miyazawa
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
10:20 AM
pH Measurement Under a Simulated Disbonded Coating Using an Optical Fiber Chemical Sensor
Maftah H. Alkathafi*1, Robert A. Cottis2, and Ramaier Narayanaswamy3
(1)Faculty of Engineering, Altahadi University; (2)Corrosion and Protection Centre, School of Materials, The University of Manchester; (3)School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science,University of Manchester
10:45 AM
Differential Imaging Microscopy of Physically Complex Surfaces Undergoing Atmospheric Corrosion
David G. Enos* and Gerald R. Girard
Sandia National Laboratories
11:10 AM
Measurement of Surface Resistivity/Conductivity of Carbon Steel in Inhibited Seawater by Optical Interferometry Techniques
Khaled Habib*
Materials Science Lab., Department of Advanced Systems,KISR, P.O.Box 24885 Safat, Kuwait
11:35 AM
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