Current Issues in Water Treatment - STG 11

Wednesday, March 16, 2011: 7:55 AM-2:20 PM
Room 351 F (George R. Brown Convention Center)
Stephen P. Wood
Vice Chair:
Claudia C. Pierce
8:50 AM
Cooling System Automation and Process Control: The Next Technology Wave
Kevin T. Milici* and Gary E. Geiger
GE Water & Process Technologies
9:15 AM
Treatment and Performance Management for Cooling Waters
Edward S. Beardwood*
Ashland Canada Inc, Ashaland Hercules Water Technologies Div
9:40 AM
9:55 AM
Effect of Temperature and Cooling Water Chloride Concentration on System Passivation of Brass Alloys in Petrochemical Facilities
Bill G. Santos*1, Chris Friesen2, and Mohammed Kashanian1
(1)NOVA Chemicals Corporation; (2)NOVA Chemicals Corp
10:45 AM
A New Solid Isothiazolone Biocide for Industrial Water Treatment
Terry M. Williams* and Christine M. Schultz
The Dow Chemical Company
11:10 AM
Research Evaluation of Polyamine Chemistry for Boiler Treatment: Corrosion Protection
Rosa Crovetto*, Anthony M. Rossi, and Eunice Murtagh
GE Water & Process Technologies
12:25 PM
Damage Mechanisms in Creep Strength Enhanced Ferritic (CSEF) Steels (T91 and T23)
Catherine A. Noble* and Ronald E. Munson
M&M Engineering Associates, Inc.
12:50 PM
1:55 PM
Preventing Corrosion on Pre-corroded Mild Steel Surfaces and the Benefits of Proper Cleaning
Alan Marshall*1, Paul Day1, Mark Walker2, and Graham Hancock2
(1)Sentinel Performance Solutions; (2)Sentinel Performance Solutions Ltd
2:20 PM
Environmentally Friendly “Air Mixed and High-Pressure Water Blasting” (Konki-jet) Developed to Comply with PSPC Requirements
Takeshi Miyamoto1, Kazumasa Yamagami*2, Jiro Fujiwara1, and Junichi Hirata3
(1)Japan Ship Technology Research Association; (2)IHI AMTEC Co.,Ltd; (3)NIPPON KAIJI KYOKAI
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